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ESET Home Protection

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PC, Mac, Mobile
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Product Overview

Valid for 1, 2 or 3 Years - depending on the length of license option selected.

  • New user interface!
  • ESET Banking and Payment Protection - provides an extra level of identity protection, secure your online banking and online payment.
  • ESET Botnet protection - The New ESET Botnet protection discover malware through analyzing its network communication protocols. Botnet malware is changing frequently in contrast to network protocols, which haven't changed in the last years. This new technology helps ESET defeat malware which tries to avoid detection and try to connect your computer to botnet network.
  • ESET Advanced Memory Scanner - More and more malware is encrypted or disguised to evade detection. New ESET Advanced Memory Scanner technology is able to detect these files in memory and stop them.
  • Exploit blocker - is an additional layer of protection that protects applications that are known to be highly exploitable (for example, browsers, mail clients and pdf readers).
  • Vulnerability Shield - provides robust protection against attempts to exploit known network vulnerabilities.
  • Specialized cleaners - are designed to remove complex malware from your computer. The status icons that indicate the protection status of a computer have been unified for better usability.
  • Device control - allows you to scan, block or adjust extended filters and permissions and select how users can access and work with devices including disk storage, CD/DVD-ROM and FireWire storage devices.

key features:

Out-of-Home Network - Provides protection for unknown networks, including invisible mode for public Wi-Fi.

Scanning During File Downloads - Scans and blocks downloads before you install them.

Cloud-powered Scanning - Ensures a faster scanning process that uses our online file reputation database for whitelisting safe files.

Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) - Acts as a firewall to your application and blocks unauthorized changes to programs.

Parental Control - Filters and blocks unsuitable website. Choose from predefined categories according to age of your kids.

Password Protection - Prevents hackers from stealing your passwords.

Smart Firewall - Smart Firewall use a Self learning firewall technology to adapt to the user usage, and create firewall rules automatically, also the user can enter the advance mode for more firewall modes base on their needs.

Antivirus and Antispyware Protection - Protect and remove viruses, malware, spyware, worms, and more.

Antispam - Smart security will eliminate the spam with advance filters build into the software.

Antiphising - Prevents fake websites from stealing your personal information and your credit card information.

Portable Media Security - Threats can penetrate your computer from the portable media such as USB Disk-on-key, etc. ESET Smart Security run a scan when you plug the device into your computer, also user can adjust the level of scan on removable media.

One-click Solution - Access protection status and all frequently used actions and tools from any screen. In case of a security alert, enjoy one-click access to the solution.

Settings for Advanced Users - Customize your security needs. Define maximum scanning depth, scanning time and size of the scanned files and archives, and much more.

After-scan Actions - Save time by choosing an action after an on-demand scan completes. Choose from sleep, reboot or shutdown

Location Tracking - Allows you to access the gathered information via ESET Anti-theft. Initiates automatic monitoring of activity and displays position on a map based on the Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online.

Laptop Activity Watch - Allows you to watch thieves via built-in camera and collect snapshots of the missing laptop screen.

Anti-theft Diagnostics - Offers a simple setup process and configuration options and help you increase the level of security by prompting you to modify key system settings.

One-way Messaging Allows you to send a one-way message to your missing laptop to increase the chance of its retrieval.

Stay safe from threats on Facebook - Extending your security to Facebook, this app checks your profile and your friends' profiles for malicious links and harmful content.

Spend your time sharing photos, comments and favorite links with your friends on Facebook without worries. Protecting your profile from malicious content, ESET Social Media Scanner makes sure that the content of your wall, newsfeed and private messages are always clean.

Protect your family’s online experience - Complimentary ESET Cybersecurity Training teaches you and your entire family how to defend against cyber threats, scams and hackers.

Technology + Awareness = Cybersecurity Installing security software is the first step toward cybersecurity. The second is educating yourself about safe Internet practices. That’s why ESET Cybersecurity Training is free with ESET Internet Security. ESET Cybersecurity Training uses real-world cyber-crime scenarios and gives you essential safety tips for making your online experience even safer.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Why I Returned to ESET

    Posted by Gary Spencer on Dec 6th 2022

    I had used ESET virus/malware protection for years, they had always protected my PC and mobiles flawlessly. Then I got paranoid for some reason and thought I needed more. I tried a highly rated program (BD), they were awful as far as far as constantly pushing to buy more of there programs, then the program started interfering with the daily use of my PC. They were very expensive too. That was it. I dumped them half way through the subscription period. I came back to ESET, they're the best in all ways. I won't leave again. Thank You ESET. Gary

  • 5
    I budle my bundle ESET and Carbonite

    Posted by Laurie Woods on May 4th 2020

    I bundle my bundle ESET and Carbonite with I love this option

  • 4
    Excellent product

    Posted by Hanif Khan on Apr 30th 2020

    Excellent product and helpful team at

  • 5
    Best Eset Value for Home

    Posted by Jonathan Davis on Apr 30th 2020

    Best Eset Value for Home

  • 5
    This product rocks!

    Posted by Jimmy F on Apr 30th 2020

    I use this ESET product cuz I can use it on mac -windows-android. I never have any problem renewing. Easy Peasy

  • 5
    Good Value

    Posted by Steve Foster on Apr 30th 2020

    Great product for three or more computers.

  • 5
    We have 12 devices

    Posted by Rhonda Oakridge on Apr 29th 2020

    Thanks for asking for me to give you a review. I tell all my friends about BetterAntivirus so this only makes sense to tell you too. Between me and my husband we have 12 devices we protect with one license of ESET. With this multi device you have now, we can secure our personal computers, workstations at home, mobile devices and company emails that we get. It’s fast and we can pick and install which product we want for each device. We have macs and pc and a few other android devices. I guess to many Do not want to sound like a advertisement for you or ESET but we love how easy it is to renew with you guys too.